The only distance I wanna have with you is the gap between our necks when we kiss.IMG_20180322_113719_207


Coffee Break

I am old enough to decide on my own but still young to be indecisive. I am currently in the point of making a decision that would totally shift my life and would bring me in a timeline that I wasn’t able to see coming. I am unemployed cause I quit my last job for an offer to work in another country. And I decide to take it and leave this country cause I have convinced myself that I need to go with a handful of reasons. Maybe I am not good enough to live here as an artist, there’s so much traffic, I can’t find my luck here and other excuses I have formulated in my mind just to escape the thought that I am living everyday like any other day. Half way through this journey an amazing guy came in and asked me out for a coffee. I never thought this coffee would cause a sudden shift on my originally planned timeline which is to go and find myself out there, over and over again. Yes, over and over again, cause I think life is a constant struggle of finding and improving ourselves. We are insatiable beings. But this certain coffee jelly I took that night brought me somewhere I wasn’t expecting I would be.

We all have that certain cup of coffee that could change how you would take on the road of life. That coffee that would bring you to a sudden fork in the road and would make you stop for a while cause you need to decide which one to take. Or you might not want to take any of it at all. That one coffee that would make you take another route cause it seems to make more sense and it seems to be more purposeful.

So remember before you take that sip on that cup of coffee make sure you’re ready for an unexpected journey. No matter how sure you think you are on the road you’re taking there will be coffee breaks that can change everything.

Artistic Sexpression

Artistic Sexpression

Dim the lights, do not turn it off. Make it just enough to see yourself inside your room. Turn on your speaker and max the bass. Play your jam the music that can loosen your body, the music that seem to be part of your sexuality. Listen and loosen. Move your fingers, strech your neck. Feel the urge to strech, relax and flex. Observe your mind and body as it moves with the music. Run your fingers through your body. Caress yourself and admire your own beauty. Move towards your own choreography. Be aware of what you want, when you want and where you want. Give it to yourself. Build it up. Feel the power of your own touch. Feel the sheets on your skin, the softness of the pillow, the movement of your bed and the energy of your own sexuality. Your body is a gift. It can unfold phenomenon you are not aware of. Follow its natural movement. All this energy would go into your center. You will want to touch yourself but at the same time delay the pleasure cause the movement towards the center is mind blowing. You feel so much freedom and a sense of ownership.

As your body agrees with all that you offered; the music, the vibration, the movement, the beat, the touch, the sight, the smell, and all that there is; you will grant your wish. Fingers will start tracing the way to your center where there is warmth and softness. Your hands will do its trick and choreography that no one else knows how to do. You will give yourself the gift that is exactly what you want and how you want it.

You’ll start dancing with your hands and fingers along the slippery dance floor. The grace of every stroke and movement is perfectly in sync with every atom of your body. You will keep on loving yourself by giving and agreeing to what you desire. You will not stop cause you know when you want to and when you need to. You will pleasure the universe with the art you’re creating; the sound of pleasure, the dance of love and the passion. And when you’re done, you’re body, mind and spirit will collapse as the universe collapse with you!

What you just did is not masterbation, it is a celebration and artistic sexpression.