Let Doubt Consume You


Doubt. A state of uncertainty and a point to enlightenment. M. Scott Peck ones said that “We are most often in the dark when we are most certain, and the most enlightened when we are most confused.”

This statement gave me a chance to look on life’s crisis in a much better way. When you are forced by the world to be certain about yourself you fight the crisis you are facing by being impatient and trying anything and everything you get yourself in and while doing it your body acts and tries to feel as if it is certain about it when in fact your mind is certainly uncertain about what you are doing to find the certainty you want to achieve. This forced effort to be certain about anything can take you to a place of anxiety.

So if you are in doubt just acknowledge you are and try to do anything and everything you get yourself into without forcing yourself that the thing you are currently trying is what you really want. Don’t think of the end point of what you are doing. Just keep on doing it. Just let it flow. Let the moment consume you and not the possible outcome.

via Daily Prompt: Doubt