The only distance I wanna have with you is the gap between our necks when we kiss.IMG_20180322_113719_207


Coffee Break

I am old enough to decide on my own but still young to be indecisive. I am currently in the point of making a decision that would totally shift my life and would bring me in a timeline that I wasn’t able to see coming. I am unemployed cause I quit my last job for an offer to work in another country. And I decide to take it and leave this country cause I have convinced myself that I need to go with a handful of reasons. Maybe I am not good enough to live here as an artist, there’s so much traffic, I can’t find my luck here and other excuses I have formulated in my mind just to escape the thought that I am living everyday like any other day. Half way through this journey an amazing guy came in and asked me out for a coffee. I never thought this coffee would cause a sudden shift on my originally planned timeline which is to go and find myself out there, over and over again. Yes, over and over again, cause I think life is a constant struggle of finding and improving ourselves. We are insatiable beings. But this certain coffee jelly I took that night brought me somewhere I wasn’t expecting I would be.

We all have that certain cup of coffee that could change how you would take on the road of life. That coffee that would bring you to a sudden fork in the road and would make you stop for a while cause you need to decide which one to take. Or you might not want to take any of it at all. That one coffee that would make you take another route cause it seems to make more sense and it seems to be more purposeful.

So remember before you take that sip on that cup of coffee make sure you’re ready for an unexpected journey. No matter how sure you think you are on the road you’re taking there will be coffee breaks that can change everything.

Moment of Anxiousness

The sudden silence after you press stop on your music player and all you can hear now is your own breathing in the four corners of the room gives you the feeling of being robbed without warning and leaving you empty and in shock. That feeling of a sudden fall from a good vibration that shut down your senses brings you to a sudden realization that you were alone all this time.
That feeling of an awake lucid dreaming, you want to scream but you’re afraid that you’re the only one who can hear.


Pakiusap ko sayo
Sa langit, sa mundo
Kalimutan mo ako
Tanggalin sa isip mo

Dahil tulad ng panaginip
Ika’y aalalahanin lang ng saglit
Makakalimutang nawaglit
Dahil sa sobrang sakit

Burahin ang alaala
Burahin ang naging saya
Huwag akong isama sa nakalipas At hanapan ng panakip butas

Tulad mo ako’y sumuko
Sa pag-ibig nating may dulo
Di ko akalaing dahil sayo
Ang mundo ko’y guguho

Kalimutan ang galit, pait at sakit
Kalimutan ang isa’t isa’y umibig ng saglit