The moment I would not wish to happen again.

The moment that should have never happened.

The moment that could never be the same.

The moment I wish to forget and wish to always remember without pain.

The moment the universe is US.

The moment where there’s no you and me, only we.

The  moment I now hate so much cause I loved you too fast.

The moment I hoped I died after cause I know I could have died the happiest.

The moment that I fell down a never ending cliff.

The moment that bugs became so romantic.

The moment that you can never duplicate or replicate.

The moment that time should have stopped without going back.

The moment I’m sure of everything I am not.

The moment of ultimate silence and chaos.

The moment of beginning and eternity.

The moment of instant high.

The moment when words seem to vanish.

The moment of nothing mixed with everything.

The moment that is original.

The moment of truth and honesty.

The moment of creation.

The moment that all my senses agreed with every part of yours.

The moment the unknown became known.

The moment of wisdom, knowledge and passion.

The moment of realness.

The moment that seem to have its own copyright and trademark.

The moment that seem to be fabricated from a movie but is originally copied from us.

The moment when all the words in every language seem to describe it but at the same time it is still not enough.

The moment of LOVE that could have lasted a lifetime but now there’s none.




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