It Should Never be Complicated

I’m still thinking about you but this time with less anger, pain, bitterness and all other emotions I can associate with you, less love too I guess. But to be honest, now I really don’t know what loving you is.
I still have lots of questions unanswered. They still do float in my mind. Questions still do pop from time to time but not as often as before. They pop but now I have the power to ignore it bit by bit, not like before. Before when questions starts to arise I formulate my own answers and those answers usually feel so true. Truth really hurts so bad!
These are the typical questions that we all ask and always dare to answer. What is love? How do you love? How do I? How do we? Or did we ever love? Is there such thing as love without forgiveness? Love with condition? Love with standard? Love without self?
Is love the answer to our loneliness? or are we just afraid to be lonely that’s why people say I love you? How is that suppose to feel?
The answer to these questions should not be complicated. I know it shouldn’t be. I know how to love, I told myself that. I think I felt it with you. I knew how to love you. I knew how easy it was. I knew how amazing it was. You are love. We are supposed to be Love… but you made it so complicated now. We made it complicated. That now I forgot how true and simple it should be.


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